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Monday, April 24, 2006

Top Climber & Nasty Fall from the MTB Investor's Paper Portfolios

For entertainment I've been picking a few stocks from each of Jim Cramer's Mad Money Shows and tracking them via paper portfolios. Here is the Top Climber (top % gainer since picked) & Nasty Fall (% loser since picked)...

Disclaimer: I AM NOT JIM CRAMER. This blog The Mountain Bike Investor has no affiliation with Jim Cramer, CNBC, RealMoney,, or Mad Money. I ALSO AM NOT a professional portfolio manager and am not recommending any stock trades. You are responsible for your own decisions as this site is for my own personal stock market tracking. Conduct due diligence, critical thought, and the use of your own brain in making crucial financial decisions.

Top Climber:

KRY +100.00% (portfolio #1)

Nasty Fall:

DBRN -45.50% (portfolio #3)


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