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Monday, April 17, 2006

The Daily BOOYAH! Newsletter from Jim Cramer

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Letter from Jim Cramer:

The Daily BOOYAH! newsletter gives you quick recaps of my RealMoney Radio program at and my Mad Money TV show at — delivered right to your email inbox.

You know me...

When it comes to stocks, I can talk a blue streak. So even if you've caught the show, the recaps can serve as a handy checklist of what's been covered.

FYI... You'll get two editions each business day — one in the afternoon recapping my radio program RealMoney and one in the evening with a wrap-up of my TV show Mad Money.

I think The Daily Booyah! is a great way to keep up with my stock picks and pans.

And a great big profitable BOOYAH right at you!

Jim Cramer



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